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NFT stands for “non-fungible token”, which means that each token of this type is unique. One NFT cannot be replaced by another, and that is what makes it different. The “non-fungible tokens” could become the basis for relationships between creators and buyers.

SNF are used to tokenize digital assets in order to monetize them. This involves creating a digital certificate of ownership that will correspond to a virtual object, which can then be sold or purchased freely. …

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Explanations of the governance process in Algorand.

Algorand’s blockchain successfully solved the blockchain trilemma by providing scalability, security and decentralization to the protocol. Governance has not been excluded from this revolution either.

What is governance?

Governance => is the power given to participants in a blockchain ecosystem to influence the technical, political and monetary decisions of the ecosystem itself. In short, it allows to shape a shared future of the blockchain network.

Currently, in the Algorand ecosystem, the foundation holds the decision-making power and uses its power to control the pool of resources (AERP).

What is the AERP?

The AERP is a fund of 3,2…

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Kava is a multi-asset DeFi platform that provides stablecoins, loans and other financial services to users of major cryptocurrency assets including BTC, XRP and ATOM to name a few.
The Kava platform enables app developers to quickly deploy DeFi apps using its cross-chain infrastructure and framework.
The Kava application is the first decentralized money market in the world. Harvest. io is the first app to be launched on Kava and allows users to explore different methods of creating money using assets including Bitcoin, XRP, USDX and others.

Kava’s automated money market raises the bar for DeFi…

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NNF face a big challenge today, and that is to create tangible value, ensuring that NFF are more than just images or collectibles. Enjin allows the creation of SNF that achieve this objective with particular attention to three main principles: usefulness, investibility and identity.
Usefulness: One way to enhance the initial value of a digital asset is through utility. A token that has a built-in function is more useful than one that does not. The Enjin platform allows anyone to add real or digital utility to any NFT.

Identity: Each NFT has its own unique coded ID. This…

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The Enjin platform offers a number of benefits for game developers and publishers.
With the launch of their smart contracts (and the Unity SDK and UI tools), developers will be able to support their virtual assets (video games) with cryptocurrency without requiring any blockchain knowledge. They will be able to leverage the Enjin platform to create token projects and complex economies through a highly intuitive plug & play interface.

Thanks to the reserve value -> Creators have the option of mining items supported by ERC-20 tokens which make the item immediately valuable. Also thanks to the fact that…

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Enjin is a platform focused on blockchain games and thanks to its ecosystem of products it manages to simplify the development of games on blockchain platforms.
Enjin team tools focus on developing, managing, deploying and integrating blockchain resources, particularly in games.
Enjin strives to drive the adoption of Blockchain technology by developing a simple ecosystem for developers who focus on producing content for any type of platform, be it PC or mobile.
The development team consists of a decentralized nature. Members come from various countries around the world. Enjin started operations in 2009 and has created over 52 million blockchain assets…

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Very soon we may see a lot of the billions of dollars traded around the world every day of traditional finance flowing into decentralized protocols and platforms, and that’s not only good for blockchain and DeFi space, it also means that many millions of people around the world can get goods that would otherwise be out of reach.
Today’s legal frameworks mean that traditional derivatives are reserved only for accredited and institutional investors, which means that entry barriers are too high for the day-to-day investor.

UMA (which stands for Universal Market Access) is trying to accelerate the DeFi…

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Cardano was financed through an initial offering of 62 million dollars coins. Subsequently, the currency debuted with a market capitalization of $600 million. As I write this article, ADA’s total capitalization is $49 billion.
Behind Cardano is Charles Hoskinson, former co-founder of Ethereum and BitShares and now head of the team behind Cardano. The roadmap appears to be a generic blockchain, enabling the construction of advanced smart contracts, decentralized apps, sidechains, metadata platforms and multi-party computing.
It may look very similar to other blockchain projects, such as Ethereum, but Cardano has a unique approach. …

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First of all you need to have Python and an IDE installed on your notebook. If you haven’t installed them, you can do so by simply clicking on Python and IDE. I recommend downloading PyCharm because it is easy to use especially open source. If you don’t know what an IDE is, don’t worry, it’s just a code editor for Python. We open IDE and create a new file and name it as we like. Click terminal, you just installed the Python text in the voice library just like this: (pyttsx3)…

#make sure you are connected with Internet
pip install…

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Now “apps” run our lives, but every time we hear that word, the first thing that comes to mind is a native app, so an app that is generally based on ecosystems like Android, iOS or Windows. But keeping up to date one of the most recent passwords is “Progressive Web App (PWA) . ”

Recently a friend asked me what they were and after explaining to him and his fiancée how they work, I thought I’d write an article that would make some clarity.

What is Progressive Web App? Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app…



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